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1000 - 2000 Watt Optimal Power Range
Available in 12" & 15" Sizes
Priced at  $410 - $580
500 - 1000 Watt Optimal Power Range
Available in 12", 15", & 18" Sizes
Priced at  $280 - $420
200 - 500 Watt Optimal Power Range
Available in 8" and 10" Sizes
Priced at  $199 - $215

Welcome to SoundSplinter.com, purveyor of exceptionally high quality subwoofers with a price tag that isn't heavier than our subs!  We are known throughout the do-it-yourself community for providing the best bang for your buck alongside some of the most personal and attentive customer service in the industry. 

Whether you need a powerful driver capable of fitting into a tight sealed space for your ride, you're looking to go balls to the wall with a massive vented enclosure to flesh out your home theater experience, or you want to try your hand at an infinite baffle alignment to shake your foundation to its core, we have the right speakers for you.

All of our drivers are designed first and foremost to reproduce low-frequencies with impeccable clarity and precision, featuring solutions suitable for the amateur hobbyist as well as the professional audiophile. Our first class build quality leads to durable drivers equipped for low distortion, high output, earth-quaking lows!  No bullshit here, strictly performance and value.
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