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[RL-i Ignition Series]


Copyright   2004 - 2007 SoundSplinter
                                Welcome to the home of SoundSplinter's RL-i Ignition Series subwoofers. These drivers
                         have been designed as an economical solution for those seeking audiophile-quality bass
                 response, utilizing low to moderate power levels, for either the home or car audio
    environment where space is at a premium.
Rare for small drivers, the RL-i makes use of a high-excursion design engineered for maximum throw and linearity. Featuring thick gap-plates, a solid steel t-yolk, custom cast aluminum basket, NBR rubber surround, aluminum shorting ring to reduce distortion, gold plated spring-action terminals, including a stiff anodized spun aluminum cone heatsinked to a 2" diameter voicecoil in addition to woven lead wires to eliminate the possibility of annoying and potentially harmful tinsel lead slap.

Available in a 8" and 10" cone size, in single or dual 4 ohm coil configuration.  Please click a driver for more information.