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SoundSplinter RL-i Ignition Series 10" Driver

Quite probably one of the best 10" drivers available on the market today, the RL-i10  is a versatile subwoofer suitable for almost any application.   Small enough to fit into tight spots for car audio, yet powerful enough to pump a small to medium sized home theater full of clean and accurate bass response.  This woofer will provide for impressive output coupled with extremely low higher-order harmonic distortion, making for a crisp sound that will be music to your ears! 

T/S Parameters

Qts: 0.276
Qes: 0.303
Qms: 3.179
Fs: 25.372 Hz
Re: 5.71
Ls: 5.208 m
Lp: 5.542 m
Rp: 8.554
(% shift)
210 m
35.6 %
Vas: 44.74 L
Mms: 148.1 g
Cms: 265.5 u
Bl: 21.1 T*m
n0: 232.0 m
SPL: 85.65 dB
Sd: 0.0307 m^2
RMS: 300 watts
Xmax: 20.0 mm


Mounting Depth 14.5 cm
Total Depth 16.1 cm
Basket Width 23.5 cm
Weight 21 lbs
Magnet Width 15.6 cm
Mounting Cutout 23.5 cm

Key Features

- Copper Shorting Rings
- Gold Plated Terminals
- Woven Lead Wires
- Aluminum Cone / Heat Sink
- 4 Spoke Basket
- NBR rubber Surround
- Thick Gap Plates

More Questions?

Contact Us!

Please note that the graphs shown dipict a hypothetical frequency response. Acoustic environment and driver positioning within that environment will play a large factor in the realized output of your system. The smaller the listening environment, the more likely that the low frequency extension will be boosted naturally through a process known as cabin gain, which is particularly evident in the car audio environment.

We would be happy to help you find optimal enclosure constraints for your application.

MSRP: $259 each
Single Price: $175 each
Two or More: $161 each

Enclosure Recommendations
Butterworth / Sealed
0.21 cu ft net volume

Quasi Bessel / Sealed
0.75 cu ft net volume
Enhanced Q / Sealed
0.094 cu ft net volume


Quasi 3rd Butterworth / Vented
0.29 cu ft net
Tuned to 36 Hz
18 sq. in. of Vent Area

Bessel / Vented
0.32 cu ft net
Tuned to 27 Hz
20 sq. in. of Vent Area

Extended Bass Shelf / Vented
1.25 cu ft net
Tuned to 26 Hz
20 sq. in. of Vent Area


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