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Monster Subwoofers!

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                          Welcome to the home of the RL-p Premium Series drivers from SoundSplinter.
                      Given their impressive power handling capability, extreme output potential,
                  incredible sound quality, versatility, and low distortion design... it can be
             confidently stated that these are some of the  best woofers in the world.
       We are proud to bring you these stellar drivers, sure to satisfy even the
most discriminating of car and home audio junkies, at such a great value.
Featuring dual spiders to decrease compliance, raising resonance, and effectively raising Qt - this can support the mass of the system much better than a single spider while allowing for more abuse. Giant strides ahead of its competitors, these drivers offer unbelievable excursion and foundation-ratting bass with their huge ceramic magnets, thick-gap plates, steel t-yolk, aluminum shorting ring, NBR rubber surround, gold plated spring-action terminals, stiff anodized spun aluminum cone heatsinked to a 3" voicecoil, woven lead wires to eliminate tinsel lead slap, and beautiful cast aluminum baskets.
Available in 12", 15", and 18" cone size, in dual 2 or dual 4 ohm voicecoil configuration, this driver is not for the faint of heart! Please click a driver for more information.