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Monster Subwoofers!

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Our most powerful 12" driver, featuring a patented variable density voicecoil as noted on the Supreme Series home page.  Where other drivers lose BL (force) during excursion in turn creating distortion, the RL-s12 maintains a constant BL, allowing for some of the cleanest low-frequencies ever produced by a subwoofer speaker.

MSRP: $799 each
Single Price: $450 each
Two or More: $410 each

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 [T/S Parameters]
Due to the nature of this product's variable density voicecoil, the T/S parameters will look a little strange when judged on a conventional basis.
This is normal,
the product being engineered for maximum sound quality in moderate to large sealed enclosures.
Single 3 Ohm Measurements
Qts: 0.970 Mounting Depth: 21.2 cm
Qes: 1.114 Total Depth: 23.3 cm
Qms: 7.459 Outside Diameter: 32.3 cm
Fs: 30.97 Hz Weight: 44 lbs
Re: 2.88 Ohm Magnet Width: 18.8 cm
Ls: 2.54 mH Mounting Cutout: 28.2 cm
Rp: 3.15 Displacement: 0.19 cu ft
Vas: 27.65 L
Mms: 344.2 g
Cms: 76.69 u
Bl: 13.15 T*m
SPL: 80.5 dB
Sd: 0.0507 m^2
Xmax: 38.5 mm

1000 - 2000 watts RMS range

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                         2.0 cu ft - infinity net volume sealed
                         3.0 - 5.0 cu ft net volume vented, Fb =  16 - 24 Hz
Optimal Home: 
                         4.5 cu ft net volume sealed
                         5.0 cu ft net volume vented, Fb = 16 Hz
                         Infinite Baffle
Optimal Car:    
                         2.5 cu ft net volume sealed
                         3.0 cu ft net volume vented, Fb = 24 Hz