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SoundSplinter.com - High Excursion Deep Bass Monster Subwoofers!
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                         Welcome to the world of exceptionally high-fidelity subwoofers. Boasting an extremely 
                      linear high excursion capability of 3" peak to peak (4" peak to peak mechanical), anyone
                  demanding the richness of true-to-life sonic accuracy need look no further. The heart of 
this masterpiece is defined by its variable density voicecoil which allows this driver the
          unique capability to maintain a constant force (BL) throughout its entire stroke, thereby
eliminating the primary cause for distortion found in almost every other woofer on the market.
We are proud to have been the first brand to release a driver with this innovative and patented linear technology. Supported by quad-stacked ceramic magnets coupled to a large steel t-yolk, these drivers feature thick gap-plates, a copper shorting ring, dual spiders, woven lead wires, tall NBR rubber surround, a gold plated spring-action terminal, cast aluminum basket and stiff aluminum cone heatsinked to a very hefty 3" variable density coil. Truly one of the most powerful, uncompromising, practically distortion-free subwoofers available on the market, an RL-s Series driver will be sure to create an aurally supreme experience no one listening will soon forget.

Available in 12" and 15" cone size, in single 3 ohm coil configuration.
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